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New Patients at Elevation Chiropractic

Elevation Chiropractic is a relaxed place where you’ll feel immediately comfortable. We’re serious about improving your well-being, but we’ll do so in a fun and enjoyable environment. We look forward to meeting you!

Day One

We recommend that you fill out your new patient forms ahead of time, which you can download from our website. By doing so, your first visit will take just 30-40 minutes. You’ll meet with your chiropractor to get answers to your four most pressing questions:

  • What’s wrong with me?
  • Can you help me?
  • How will you help me?
  • What costs are involved?
We’ll perform a full examination involving an array of testing, which may include digital X-rays. In some cases, you may receive a chiropractic adjustment on the first day.

Day Two

At your next appointment, you’ll meet with your chiropractor to go over the findings from your examination. We’ll answer all your questions. If we believe you’re a candidate for what we do and you choose to start care, you’ll get an adjustment.

Regular Visits

Your subsequent visits will take about 10-20 minutes if you have a type of therapy combined with an adjustment. If you’re here just for an adjustment, it’ll take just 5-10 minutes.

What’s Your Spinal Hygiene Routine?

Do you brush your teeth regularly? Most people do. You know that it’s the key to making sure your teeth and gums stay healthy. But have you considered what you’re doing to make sure your spine is staying healthy?

If you’re not having it checked chances are you have subluxations/misalignments that are present which can affect your health sometimes causing pain or dysfunction. We encourage you to have periodic checkups after you’re through your acute stage of care so that you can maintain your progress.

You can use your insurance coverage at Elevation Chiropractic, including Medicare and Medicaid. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment!

New Patients at Elevation Chiropractic | (419) 738-4373